Privacy Policy

Welcome to our website, Wealth Portals. We value the importance of privacy for our users, especially those conducting business on our site. This privacy statement outlines our policies regarding the information we collect from visitors to our site who do not engage in transactions, as well as those who register to use our services (referred to as ‘Authorized Customers’).

When we refer to ‘Personally Identifiable Information’, we mean data that can identify or locate an individual, such as name, address, contact details, financial information, etc. This does not include anonymous data or demographic information not linked to a specific individual.

What kind of Personally Identifiable Information do we collect?

We gather basic user profile details from all visitors and additional information from Authorized Customers, including their business details and intentions with the site.

Who else collects this information?

Aside from us, third-party service providers like credit card companies may also collect information from our visitors and Authorized Customers. We ask them to disclose how they use this data.

How do we use Personally Identifiable Information?

We use this data to tailor our site, offer appropriate services, and fulfill transactions. We may also communicate with visitors and Authorized Customers regarding opportunities on the site or in response to inquiries.

With whom is the information shared?

We may share information about Authorized Customers with other Authorized Customers. Aggregated visitor data may be shared with affiliated agencies and vendors. Visitors can choose to opt out of receiving communications.

Where is Personally Identifiable Information stored?

Data collected is securely stored and only accessed for the purposes outlined above.

How can Visitors manage their information?

Visitors can opt-out of unsolicited communications by following instructions in emails or contacting us directly.

Are Cookies used on the site?

We use Cookies for various purposes, including personalized services and security. Visitors can manage their preferences regarding Cookies.

How is login information utilized?

We analyze login information for trends, site administration, and to gather demographic data.

Which partners have access to Personally Identifiable Information?

We have partnerships with vendors who may access this information on a need-to-know basis. However, our privacy policy does not cover their use of this data.

How do we keep Personally Identifiable Information secure?

We have security systems in place to safeguard this information, though we cannot guarantee against all security breaches.

How can inaccuracies be corrected?

Visitors can update or correct their Personally Identifiable Information by contacting us.

Can Visitors delete their information?

Visitors can request the deletion of their information, though some residual data may be retained for operational purposes.

Policy Changes:

We will inform Visitors of any changes to our privacy policy and provide options for preventing disclosure of their Personally Identifiable Information.


Our site contains links to other websites, and visitors are encouraged to review the privacy policies of these linked sites.