Moon Time: US White House Pushes for Unique Time Zone


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White House wants Moon to have its own time zone

The White House has announced plans to create a new time zone specifically for the Moon. This initiative comes as humans are preparing to return to the Moon in the near future.

The idea behind this proposal is to establish a time zone that is better suited to the unique day-night cycle on the Moon. With its days lasting approximately 29 Earth days, creating a separate time zone would make it easier for astronauts and mission planners to schedule activities and manage their time effectively.

It is still unclear how this new time zone would be implemented and whether it would be based on Earth time or a completely new system. White House officials have stated that further discussions and collaborations with other space agencies will be necessary to determine the specifics of this proposal.

Overall, the creation of a Moon-specific time zone could greatly benefit future lunar missions and pave the way for more efficient and organized activities on the Moon’s surface.

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